I love working with E-merge! We always feel at ease knowing the issue will be resolved promptly. Kayle is always very thorough and gives explanations with patience and knowledge of the subject. I leave knowing my system will perform better. Response is quick when any type of issue arises. Always a friendly attitude and caring personality. I can say E-merge is the best technical support company I have dealt with in my career. Thank you for all the hard work you do for us at Virgin Carpets & Flooring. We truly are happy customers and appreciate doing business with you!

E-merge has always been the perfect IT service provider for our company. They have knowledgeable and dependable staff. All our needs are taken care of in a timely manner, and we have zero issues! Starting from the owner Mike all the way down to their inside support Kayle and field support Bill, they are a complete IT company.

Our company has worked with the team at Emerge for several years. Everybody on their team has always gone above & beyond for us! We feel confident knowing that they are there to help us at any time and resolve any issues that may arise. We have excellent support from them!

Atlantis Technologies LLC is a small manufacturing and distribution company that relies heavily on our computer network for engineering design, manufacturing, customer support, and accounting. Mike and Bill recently installed new corporate servers and the transition went extremely well. They went out of their way to correct problems with old computers and bring our systems up to a much higher standard with very little disruption to our business. The entire network is working much faster than it ever has. Mike brought new ideas to a system that was rapidly degrading because of an outdated server and poor support from our previous supplier. I believe that we will get more use out of some of the older computers on the network and the software that we have been using because of the changes that they made to the system. In addition, by having e-merge handle all of our IT service needs I can now spend more time dealing with my core business. I would highly recommend e-merge to all small businesses.

e-merge has been a great contributor to our company’s growth. They have worked with us in rewiring and expanding our current network, assisted us with upgrading not only our hardware but also helped to integrate updated software packages. The technical service is something we could not function without, whether it is done remotely or in person. The service has been excellent!

Mike, Just a quick note to thank you for the years of service your company and has provided to my family and to our businesses. In this day and age of technology changing faster than the weather, it’s good to know that when we call you for our computer issues you are on it. We have had Mike at our home many times thru the years and he is on time and very fair with his charges. We do not have time to keep up with all the changes and I know we can count on him to keep us going. Thank you.

I have a longstanding working relationship with e-merge. I manage a small business with no internal IT support, so Mike has essentially become my IT department. In addition to helping me make hardware and software decisions, Mike helps me keep my systems up and running. And not least, his focus on response times and service sets him apart.

We have been with e-merge for over 9 years now. We are a medical search consulting firm with huge data needs and a fairly complex network. Some of our people work off-site and need to be in constant contact with the main server. Mike and his crew of consultants always respond to any problems within less than 24 hours…..actually, within an hour. They can tell you when they can come out. Their service and expertise are wonderful. I would recommend this company to anyone. The best thing, they make house calls and their prices are very fair.

I am happy to recommend Mike Ryan and E-Merge. Over the past year they have worked with me to define my technology needs, acquire the necessary equipment and install it. Mike looked at the project from a technical and business perspective. He was responsive and readily available. I am pleased with the results.

Mike Ryan offers our business a very effective service as a consultant. His experience and professionalism are evident in his performance with our company. Mike took the time to learn about our business and industry, and seems genuinely concerned about our issues and success. He sees every job through to completion and does a great job of following up on matters. A joy to work with. Very consistent. Highly recommended.