Computer Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services are services made available to users on demand via internet from an off-site premise hosted server.  Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources, and services.  We offer a range of options from private to hosted cloud services.  We can provide your business with many solutions to things such as e-mail, file sharing, backup solutions, and even complete hosted servers to help meet your business needs.

Cloud Services

Network Assessment

e-merge can help your organization optimize its technology investment and plan for future business needs by conducting a comprehensive network support assessment. Our assessments consist of discovery, analysis, and recommendations for correcting problems and improving your computer network support systems.

Network Assessment

Network Design & Implementation

We focus not only on installing a network, but securing, documenting and fine-tuning a network to provide the highest level of security and reliability. Whether you have a small network of PC’s or multiple locations across a wide geographic area, we can help you design and implement a network solution to fit your needs. We take the time to understand your business and operations, then provide the best solutions for your company.

Network & Email Security

Our assessment strategy rests on certain requirements for policies, procedures, and network security. We will assist with implementing the necessary written policies and procedures within your organization. With scanning and internet penetration testing, we are able to assess vulnerabilities and recommend proper configuration, software, and hardware solutions to ensure that your company’s network is secured.

Network Security

Managed Services

We give you the peace of mind of managing all network components comprehensively and transparently. We provide 24 x 7 managed support including a full suite of solutions that allow you to build a customized monitoring, administration and maintenance program that meets your business needs. Our professionally certified staff is dedicated to helping you enhance the business value of your IT investment through improved operational efficiency and service levels.

Managed Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

e-merge specializes in comprehensive and affordable disaster recovery services that offer superior protection of your irreplaceable data and minimize the adverse effects of a major unplanned outage on your business. In securing your information systems, personnel and business processes, our multi-layer protection ensures the continuous operation of your business. Virtualization and cloud backup solutions allows us to ensure the safety of your data in case of a disaster.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Virtualization technology simplifies IT so that companies can leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster. The virtual infrastructure approach to IT management creates virtual services out of the physical IT infrastructure, enabling administrators to allocate these resources quickly to the highest priority applications and the business needs that require them the most. With virtualization hardware equipment can be treated as a single pool of processing, storage, and networking power to be re-allocated on the fly to various software services. In a virtual infrastructure, users see resources as if they were dedicated to them – while administrators gain the ability to efficiently manage and optimize resources to serve the needs of the business.
We can assist your organizations in creating a virtual network environment allowing you to simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce capital expenses through server consolidation while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

Web Design

Need a website for your home and small business needs? We can assist you by developing a quality website for customers and employees to access. We can also help you promote your business online by adding your site through various search engines on the web.  We work with you to develop every aspect of your website to suite your business needs and to help get your company recognized in the local area and on the internet.